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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blog-ligations or Blog obligations

As a blogger, I have made it a practice to post each Friday (barring illness, natural disaster or vacation!). Each time I post a vintage photo, I do so gladly, only asking that the images be used for your art work and not added to collections of images that you sell - certainly a reasonable stipulation.

On your next visit, if you would take a moment to post a comment I would appreciate it. I have several fellow blogger/artists who comment here often and I cannot express enough thanks to them for their support and encouragement. But, I can't help but wonder where are comments from some of the other 2000 or so hits on the site.

I really enjoy finding and posting the little photos I have here. If you were to post the finished work you do with them I think it would be greatly enjoyed by so many of us. This would be a great way for your work to become known to others and to network with artists with interests that you share. Post a link to your blog so that we can all visit you too. I love to go visiting blogs and would really enjoy visiting yours - and I promise, you will know when I visit because I always leave a little babbling blurbage behind!

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