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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday's Freebie - 2 Ladies

Well, here is a postcard from the group I got at French Kissed RubyLane shop. I looked at it and thought WHAT IS THAT? and WHY? So, I decided to post it here to see if anyone has any idea about this -

I am not sure what the idea is for the tassel on the hat of the lady on the left, but more so, I haven't even a clue why there is a tassel hanging off the side of her shoulder too. Maybe tassels were all the rage? Any ideas would be appreciated.


  1. I love your work Verna! Thanks for the freebies, and I am hoping all is well with you.

  2. Hi Verna...I am so glad I found you...I appreciate these wonderful freebies!
    Here's my 2 cents on the tassels. I think the shoulder piece is a fur strip along the bottom edge of a sailor type collar on the back of her jacket...if you enlarge and look closely...looks like a curly fur, maybe lambswool.
    The tassels were a big deal in the roaring '20s era. Dress followed and enhanced other freedoms. Women had freedom not only in their dress, but movement in general...dancing, talking, laughing (oh my gosh, smoking) etc. in public as opposed to being tied into their clothes and more sedate in demeanor. Fringe and tassels on clothing enhanced the movement.
    I am not an expert, but have collected period clothing for quite a while. The clothing always coincided with the current social climate...if you watch old movies...women in the 1800's walking down a blvd. vs. women in the '20s walking down the street...a lot more movement in their bodies. Fringe and tassels were hot :)

  3. These ladies are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was having deja vu....Where have I seen those ladies before??hehehe Memory (or lack there of) and menopause go hand in hand! Ok, now I gotta check out the tassels....