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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Buh-Bye Howie!

Over at FrenchKissed, Trishia shares postcards and photos with her blog fans and last week she published one that made me crack up. I am an absolute fan of vintage photos of women with dogs. So, I wanted to make a little collage card with the images. Go on over to FrenchKissed (the logo is right here on the sidebar) and zoom around and enjoy. And, check out the Etsy Shop with the same name. Wonderful images there!


  1. This is so incredible, so "Verna"!! Luv your sense of humor. Your title is icing on the cake. Great composition. Love all the details:)

  2. That is wonderful, Verna...I love the colors, the pussy willows, the crown with the heart...and of course, the wit...made me laugh...thank you!

  3. Fun :) And so beautiful , the colors and everything!