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Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Freebie - five fine children

Today's photo is really interesting. Wehave the curly heads, the straight hair, and everything from blonde to brunette. Someone went to a lot of work to fix hair, ribbons, iron clothes, polish shoes, and then after the photo is done - no identifying info. One thing about the scrapbooking movement now is that at least future generations will know who everyone is, with all the work that goes into some of the scrappers' books I am pretty sure that every one of them is very clearly identified. (I admit it, I am not a scrapper. All of my family photos are filed in boxes and boxes stacked in the hall closet. But, most are at least indentified, so that's something.)

Hope you can use part or all of the photo in your work. And, the usual FREE FOR ALL NO SALE, blah blah goes with this, just like always. As my niece would say when she was little "Share, share, share is fair".


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