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Friday, November 13, 2009

Freebie Friday - Eddie

Today is day 3 of the Nor'easter here on the VA/NC coast. Oh, yuck. Too much rain. Too much wind. Bascially, just too much.

But, wind and rain aside, it is Friday and that means a new photo to post here - this one is of "Eddie-5 years". What a fine little fellow he is. I love his little corded tie. And, I imagine him to have reddish hair and freckles and blue eyes. Of course, these are all my personal imaginings. You may see Eddie in a totally different color scheme. Hope you find something fun for Eddie to do in your work!

And, yes, the No selling, free for all blah blah stuff applies here, as usual.


  1. Thanks so much Verna, for adding my button to your blog! I'm very happy with that and I added you to my blogroll.

    You've got a lovely blog over here!

  2. Verna, , thanks for your comments, I had never thought of needle point before!
    how is Virginia??? I wish I were there right now...fond memories :)
    Hugs Karen x

  3. oh yes! i thought red hair and freckles as soon as i saw him! what a cutie:) xox...jenn

  4. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images! I have used one of them and you can find it in my blog:)