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Thursday, April 12, 2012

U is for Umbrella

I came across a photo while zooming around the internet looking for u-inspiration. This is the photo -

As soon as I saw those black matte umbrellas huddled together I thought of an umbrella painting by Renoir -

Which then made me think of the black umbrella  that was part of Mary Poppins daily wardrobe -

Which made me wonder what famous people had their photos taken under a big black umbrella? And, sure enough, even The Duke himself, was known to take shelter under the old bumpershoot -

And, finally, while zooming about, much to my delight, I came across a painting that I had never seen before, by an artist that is unknown to me. This is the beautiful painting done by
                                          MARIYA BASHKIRTSEVA
Today is Alphabe-Thursday, and the letter is U.  I love discovering artwork that is new to me and hope you do too!


  1. Who would have thought such an interest post could unfold, as yours. I loved it! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Allow me to usher you to my U-post... Under Pressure Until the Day is Done

  2. What a fantastic umbrella post.

    Herding Cats


  3. I love each and every one of your umbrella photos. As a matter of interest did you know the Mary Poppins author was from Queensland Australia, that's where I live.

  4. aren't umbrellas wonderful! I was wondering how many students were going to choose that for their word. And you're right next to me! What beautiful artwork with umbrellas. And that sure is a large umbrella John Wayne is carrying! {:-D

  5. Oh my gosh. I love that painting. I've never seen that work before! Some people are just unbelievably talented!

    The picture of John Wayne was especially cool, too.

    I wonder if my Grandlittles might enjoy watching Mary Poppins? I haven't seen that movie in years!

    Thanks for a cUte link for the letter U.


  6. What a wonderful post! I loved seeing all these umbrellas!
    I have never seen the last painting before.
    very enjoyable!