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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday is freezing, so the freebie is . . .

keeping that theme . These two little guys seemed to be dressed for the cold, but still, they maintain their dapper little attitudes. Love the little hats. No info on the back, but I have decided to name the little guy on the right Sid. (He reminds me of a little old man who worked at my first job, a LONG time ago!) And, the other little guy, seems to have a bit of trouble keeping still long enough for the photo, so he is going to be dubbed Speedy. So, Sid the Kid and Speedy it is.

Keep warm!!


  1. Miss Verna, thinking of you today and your fabulous typewriter boy creation:) Posted a link to your blog on my new Facebook page!

  2. Thanks Tricia. I too love the little Typewriter Boy. He just tickled me the first time I saw him, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with him. I love your blog and now I can go to your facebook to visit too!!

  3. tricia from french kissed sent me. i think i might be able to spend a little time here. i like what is see so far!

  4. Welcome to my blog! I hope you see some images you like and can use in your work!