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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Friday of the Summer!

Although this photo is in pretty bad shape, I am posting it because there are some really adorable little faces in this group. Some seem to be delighted with school. Some seem to think school is a legal form of torture and some are just looking for a way to escape. It would seem that the teacher has already headed for the nearest exit! She is no where to be seen in the photo.

Check out the adorable little girl in the last row, third one in from the left. She just looks like a little sweetie to me. And, look at the poor little darling in the second row, last one on the right. Well, she just looks like misery personified. (Do you think someone should tell her that this is just the first day of the first year of school.

Although my two are no longer in school, I still love September. Brand new shoes, and first day outfits. New school bags (back packs now) sharp new number 2 pencils, a big fat pink eraser, a box of yummy smelling new, never been used crayons in a rainbow of colors, black and white marble composition books, maybe even a little lunch box.

And, a big yellow school bus filled with kiddies pulling away from the curb, all watching out the windows as their mothers do the Happy Happy Joy Dance!

It's the first day of school!

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