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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog . . .

Okay, come on, you didn't really think I could make something like that up, did you? No, no. This is the title of Lisa Scottoline's book featuring some of her writings from her "Chic Lit" column for The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Scottoline,well known author of 17 (and counting) mystery thrillers, is funny. My kind of funny. Someone who sees the absurdity in Life and laughs at it. And, let's face it, if you cry over the things that drive you mad, well, you eventualy have to stop crying and do something about it anyway. And, usually you will find that the problem isn't worth the mascara that now makes little raccoon rings around your eyes! (Which by the way, is not a good look, for anyone, except a racoon.)
Driving in the car while listening to the author read her book is a decadent little luxury (thankfully, one that is completely fat-free and does not have a single calorie or carb.) Of course, when you are laughing out loud while sitting at a red light, other drivers may give you a bit more space once that light changes to green. (Which, given the driving habits of people in the Tidewater area of Virginia, may not be such a bad thing.)
Whether considering what 'powers' she would possess were she to suddenly become not super woman, just "NormalWoman", or explaining why one little Corgi can suddenly command fear in 3 lovable, goofy golden retreivers and the human who adores them all - even little Cujo-corgi. A smile of knowing agreement will come across your face. Scottoline finds the bittersweet moments of relationships with daughters and mothers. Girls that change as we watch them grow up to become young women. Our own super "NormalWoman" moms become little white haired ladies who evoke a fierce feeling of protectiveness in us.
Any and all of these little essays give pause for thought, because we all have felt this way at one time or another.
Best summed up in the column titled "Betty and Veronica" Scottoline weights the pros and cons of being either Betty or Veronica (of the Archie comic series - jeez am I dating myself here!!) Given the option of being either the all American good sport nice girl perky cute Betty and the spoiled little rich girl Veronica, who is beautiful, knows it and revels in it we know we are supposed to say we would be Betty. But secretly, we all want to be Veronica - after all, who could pass up unlimited credit cards and guys who just get all ga-ga goofy when you walk into a room.
If you get a chance check out the funny in this book!

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