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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's freebies, a little beauty and 2 for 1

Babies seem to be the order of the day for this Friday's freebie.

Margaret Barrett, daughter of Ella and Raplh Barrett is quite the little beauty. I think Mom and Dad must have been quite pleased with their girl! On the back of the RPPC is a note from mom Ella, to someone named Elsie - it reads -

Dear Elsie, There will be plenty of work after the 15th and all winter. We are going to Ralph's home tomorrow. Will be back in about a week, so come as soon as you can. Do not dress up (illegible word) me. Over is Margaret. Ella

The two little cuties in this second photo just tickled me. They are obviously very happy little things. I especially like that look of delight on the child to the right's face - obviously the feelings were very much so, they appear to go all the way down to his little feet - notice the blur of the shoes (they must have been moving a little bit!) The two are Estella Paskell (left) and Richard Wilkerson (right). According the the back of the card this is an RPPC taken at Schreick Studio on N. High Street, Columbus Ohio - Over Kresge's5 and 10 cent Store.

Hope you enjoy these two photos.

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