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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Class of '29 joins the LollaPalooza!

This gift-away is for a print of 'The Class of '29'. I have a weakness for prints that feature many small subjects that form a larger idea, and I adore any thing that is in the Art Deco stlye. (Champagne and diamond bracelts, speakeasys and men in doublebreasted pinstrip suits and fedoras and ladies in little flapper dresses! Oh boy! And, those shoes and the jewelry - did I mention the diamond bracelets??? That is a dream for me!) And, that china-doll hair cut which I sported for several years in my 20's (with great success - I did mention the diamond bracelets, right?) Well, this little print created by Samantha Battersby of Matouenpeluche just tickled me! I just love it. I have it framed and hanging in my house and get to look at it and enjoy it every day. So, I picked this as one of the prizes because I think it is just about perfect!

You can check out Sam's Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/matouenpeluche

And, her blog is at http://matouenpeluche.typepad.com/matouenpeluche/

The random number drawing will take place on Sunday morning, December 12th. I will post the winners name then.

In the meantime go take a little trip to Sam's sites, you are going to have such fun!