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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Dupree Sisters

Although this is not really the name of these two little cuties I call them The Dupree Sisters because I used one of the images as a set of triplets - Rose, Lily and Violet Dupree. While Rose and Lily were lovely little girls - that Violet! Well, let's just say she certainly wasn't a shrinking Violet. She wore Zetti when the others wore pristine white. For Valentine's Day she donned a dress filled with red hearts. Violet Dupree was a dream to work with. So, I am posting the original photo here and hope that you have fun using The Dupree girls in your work. Free for all, no sales or collections, no money, no how, no way, blah blah blah.


  1. Verna, Great pic and your take on the triplets is delightful:) The Dupree Sisters' huge bows are reminiscient of a popular French style from the turn of the century, Alsacean I think, where the bow (always in black) is almost larger than the person's head! Makes me wonder how they got it to stand up so straight and stay in place....